#HARLEYSANGELS Range has been set up to help raise awareness and support the Bereavement Centre at Alder-Hay Hospital.

Sam, Harley's mother took him to the hospital complaining of pain in his stomach and was sent home with a diagnosis of constipation.

When Harley was home the he had fallen asleep on the sofa and Sam his Mother had also slept for a while after a traumatic experience.

Sam woke to move Harley into his bed but found him unresponsive and try as she might Sam and Paramedics who attended sadly were unable to resuscitate little Harley.

We have since found out that Harley did not have constipation in fact he had, Mid Gut Malrotation and Mid Gut Volvulas. Sadly Harley had been misdiagnosed and was a victim Clinical Neglect.

All profits from sales will go to the Bereavement Centre At Alder-hey Children Hospital where Harley was looked after when he passed. the money will help other bereaved parents who have lost children, This money goes towards keepsake boxes with teddy's, and other gifts of comfort.